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We offer the best fabrics, utilizing each manufacturer for their particular specialty.

Here are just some of these amazing companies…


An industry leader since 1945, Melfabco Inc. sells proprietary fabrics and carpeting designed to meet the acoustical requirements, fire safety standards, and creative needs of the industry. A wide array of colors and styles line the walls and floors of cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, concert halls, and health and educational institutions across the USA. Excellence service, product quality, and on-time delivery.


Rose Brand is the leading provider of flame retardant fabrics for the entertainment and event industries because they have the widest and deepest in-stock inventory. speedy delivery and high quality fabrics at wholesale prices. fabrics by color, price, flame retardancy, width, opacity, or sheen. fabric such as muslin, duvetyne, velour, stretch, scrim, canvas, commando, acoustical, sheer, silk, satin, inherently flame retardant, etc.

KM Fabrics

KM Fabrics Manufacturers 100% Inherently flame Retardent (IFR)

Polyester and 100% flame retardant (FR) Cotton Woven Velvets

For use as stage Curtains and other drapery Products.

All velvet drapery products meet flame resistant minimums

Requirements of: NFPA 701-2010 test method 1, state of California

Title 19, and ULC S-109

Fred Kreiger Fabrics

As the company has grown, more family members have joined the team, learning the textile business and helping Fred Krieger Fabrics continue the tradition as the leading theatrical brand. Fred Krieger Fabrics is the trusted source for fabrics in venues across North America, they are dedicated to the theatrical textile industry, and strong commitment to quality. Their fabrics are widely recommended by architects, designers, and theater consultants. 

Dazian Fabrics

Dazian has become what it is today – the leader in creating fabric environments.

They are the go-to for those in search of something out of the ordinary. That’s because they have a unique ability to incorporate theatrics into the common place. They are at the forefront of new ideas, new designs and new technologies,

Never accepting that “something can’t be done”.

Guilford of Maine

Acoustical and multipurpose high-performance textile solutions.


High acoustical transparency allows these fabrics to optimize the sound-absorbing qualities of an installation. Ideal for music studios and home theaters!


Used for wall panels or office cubicles, tackable panel textiles retain their shape
even on large vertical surfaces.

Textile design is a subtle artform. We play with myriad details that need to translate into fabrics that will feel fresh and stand the test of time.

Weaving fashion with innovation