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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what track to use?

There many options to choose from. The most important is having a track that can support the weight.

Secondly is the ease of operation. If hand operated you want the curtain to run without much effort. Motorizing the curtain may have certain track requirements, which includes how it is mounted, what type of operating line used and the amount of travel necessary. With a few questions answered I could recommend you with a track that will work well in your situation.  contact us with your project and we can help you concept through completion.

How far do you travel for a customer and job? 

We operate mostly in California but depending on the size of the project we will travel beyond the state. Sometimes it is cost prohibited to travel long distances for small projects. Enter your project and location and I will provide you with a quote If I think we can be competitive in your situation.

 How do I know what Motor to use?

If you are not familiar with motors and rigging than a conversation to review what it is you are trying to motorized is important to determine what motor to use and how that is compatible with the rigging/track system you have or plan on using. There are many motor manufacturers with features and capacities to meet your needs. We can then narrow down your choices based on your situation. Tell me what your project entails along with some important information. I could recommend what motor to purchase for your situation.  contact us with your project and we can help you concept through completion.


Do you do Install?

Yes, Installation is our specialty We typically do not sub out the labor, we think it is important to be in charge of our projects and schedules.

Our Clients typically have tight opening schedule and it is best to provide our own materials and labor to control the quality of the work being performed and to make sure the customer is being taken care of.


How do I know what film screen to use and size to order?

You have many choices of manufactures, All the companies have their niche. Not always apples for apples. Based on your project parameters room size and known objectives including budget.

We can narrow it down to Manufacturer, Material type, screen gain, Perforations, non-perf, with what projector type, projection throw Picture size. Usually ending  up with a compromised decision but one that will suit your objective.  Following is size to order and what type of frame and maskings.



We are the longest running, most experienced installation/fabrication crew in the industry!


We can install it for you or instruct your crew.