DeClercq’s Theatrical Specialties

Frames, Fittings, Tracks & Machines

DeClercq’s Theatrical Specialties can help you select the perfect track and or machines for all of your projects.  We fabricate our own tracks, screen frames and masking systems, utilizing track and machine manufacturers who produce quality hardware for our clients. Our team will make  your project come to life!

Automatice Devices Company

A Track and Machine For Every Purpose

Since 1919 the name “ADC” has been synonymous with quality products, smooth and dependable operation, and prompt, courteous service. Each product is fabricated in our factory by factory trained craftsmen and given individualized attention. We do not subscribe to the concept of “planned obsolescence.”

ADC offers a full line of stage curtain tracks, stage curtain machine operators, stage curtain lift systems, and controls. We are the original stage curtain track manufacturer, don’t be fooled by imitators, we developed most of the technology currently used in the stage curtain industry and we continue to innovate, design and manufacture in Allentown Pennsylvania.

H&H Specialties Inc

 A Little History

H & H Specialties was founded in 1967 by John H. Higgins in La Mirada, California.  The company initially sewed stage curtains and coordinated installation services for institutional and theatrical products.  John’s sister Louise was the seamstress who fabricated the curtains in the beginning.

In 1968, the move was made to South El Monte, California, and the focus of the company began to shift from curtain fabrication and installation coordination to manufacturing and distribution of hardware products.  The first products introduced were hospital cubicle tracks and stage curtain tracks.

The counterweight rigging product line was introduced in 1971.  About this time, a nationwide dealer network was established for product distribution and the curtain fabrication and installation coordination services were discontinued.  H & H Specialties is very proud of our dealer network.  In fact, our first dealer is still a valued customer today after over 45 years!

In 2014, we relocated to a larger facility in City of Industry, California.  The facility allows us to continue to grow, offer additional theatrical rigging products, and service our customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently.  Our stage rigging and curtain track products are used in many of the most famous venues in North America, from Hollywood to Broadway.


The Sound of Silence by Silent Track

Silence just got even quieter with the new Silent Track range. Resolutely architectural, specially designed tracks married with unique, two-component (2C) gliders, resulting in unprecedented quietness.

As much about both sight as it is sound, the Silent Track sets the new standard for curtain track specifications for architects, interior designers and end-users who aren’t prepared to compromise.

SM Automatic

Who are we?

SM Automatic is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of motors, motorized systems and controls, for interior window coverings.  What makes us special, is our experience, our robust product line, and our commitment to offer quality products accompanied by exceptional customer service.

 Company History

Founded in 1982 by three window covering professionals (Jerry Stein, Roy Ginsburg and Jack Hutchinson), with a combined experience of over 100 years in the business, SM Automatic quickly found it’s place in an industry in need of a reliable source for a motorization option.  

Over the next few years, with a focused mantra of “quality product and quality service,” SM Automatic expanded it’s product line from drapery motors only, to include motors and motorized systems for virtually all forms of blinds and shades.

By 1990, SM Automatic’s name had become synonymous with quality motors at competitive price points, while having a reputation of consistently having the best customer service in the business.

At about the same time, the burgeoning growth in Las Vegas opened opportunities to our industry that had not been experienced previously.  The quest for amenities in ultra high-end hospitality environments, lead to exponential growth for SM Automatic, while the installed base of our motors in Las Vegas alone, topped 30,000 units by 2007.

Today, as an independent company, SM Automatic leads the industry, with the commitment to quality products and service instilled by our founders written into the cornerstone of our business, we continue to look for new and exciting products to offer to the window covering design and retail community, as well as the architectural and A/V integration fields.

MDI Worldwide

A Culture of evolution.

MDI Worldwide was incorporated in 1965 as Marketing Displays, Inc. It quickly became well-established by launching significant innovations including PosterGrip®, the first spring-loaded, continuous-hinge, front-loading frame, and WindMaster®, the first curb sign capable of withstanding 75 mph winds without blowing over. These products, as well as many other MDI Worldwide innovations, have become world standards and are being used on virtually every continent.

In today’s media-saturated marketplace, it is critical to stand out and be seen. MDI Worldwide understands this challenge and has become an industry leader in custom retail display solutions for brands and retailers all over the world. Our expertise is in bringing our clients’ products and services to the forefront to increase their visibility, branding, and traction.

MDI Worldwide partners with our clients to produce solutions that captivate and resonate. Whether it is creating a custom design or fulfilling an off-the-rack order, MDI Worldwide delivers. Give us a call to stand out and be seen!


The Original Metal Framing System 

Unistrut® leads the industry with the most comprehensive line of channels and fittings, along with a complete line of hangers, pipe clamps, concrete inserts, and accessories, in a variety of finishes and materials. Backed by a worldwide network of engineering and distribution centers, Unistrut is the number one choice for all your metal framing needs.

No Welding 
Unistrut connections provide the strength of welding but can easily be taken apart. The Unistrut nut is designed so that normal pressure in installing it causes the nut to bite into and lock itself securely o the channel.

No Drilling 
Unistrut has channel options available with continuous slots to eliminate drilling. At points where attachment of another framing member is desired, the Unistrut nut is inserted, slid to desired position and tightly bolted to fitting.

100% Reusable 
The Unistrut system is flexible, adaptable and versatile. Our parts can be dismantled and used again and again for infinite configurations.

100% Adjustable 
If a change of plans or requirements calls for alteration or rebuilding, you simply loosen the Unistrut bolt and relocate the channel nut in any desired position. The Channel Nut may be positioned any place along the “slot” of the channel.


Our History

We trace our roots back to 1903 — a time when very few homes or businesses even had electricity — with the founding of the Electric Railway Improvement Company (ERICO). The company in 1939 patented its Cadweld exothermically welded connection, an invention that paved the way for rail car companies to make repairs to rail tracks without large welding equipment. More than 100 million Cadweld connections are now place in a broad array of applications around globe.

Back in 1945, the automatic press guard – Hoffman’s first product – stopped machinery when workers’ hands got too close. This safety invention protected workers from debilitating injuries, kept factory floors humming and served as the core product for the young company. 

In the 1970s, Raychem’s first cross-linked, self-regulating electric heat trace cables were revolutionary, solving the dangerous overheating problem of melting polymers found in early prototypes. This invention features polymers forced into a matrix that cannot melt and simply shuts down, providing heightened safety and protection in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

That tradition continues today with products ranging from Raychem’s low-smoke, zero-halogen self-regulating heating cables (setting a new standard in pipe-freeze and fire protection) to Spectracool’s “smart” industrial air conditioners that allow customers to monitor and control their equipment from one remote location.

Throughout our history, our award-winning inventions have connected and protected our customers, while fueling  business growth. Today, as we turn the page on a new chapter in our history, we celebrate the importance, power and potential of our inventions in helping to create a more safe and secure world.


Theatrical Specialties

About Us

We have complete capabilities to build or remodel interiors, including all movable rigging, projection screens and frames, acoustical sound panel design and installation, speaker and amplification support, drapery design, manufacturing, repair and installation, flameproofing, screen cleaning and a service department to maintain auditorium equipment.

Established 1992

In May of 1992, we acquired Oakland United Studios as an affiliate rigging company.

With over 30 years in the theatre industry, our reputation speaks for itself.


Contractor’s License # 662023

724 Kevin Court

Oakland CA, 94621